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Chers étudiants, merci pour votre confiance. 

Cathy Hasnaoui ( Scotland)

I was fortunate to find the web page for Alef Formations as I had  previously tried unsuccessfully to learn Tunisian Arabic via books and other teaching sites. The difference with Alef is the professionalism and personal touch. I have had a few of the teachers during my classes and the one thing that is consistent is their interest in making sure you understand the subject matter and not just repeat the words without comprehension. The regular assessments are an excellent way of proving just how far you have come.

 I have found new confidence in speaking to strangers who have no English and happily tackle day to day tasks in Arabic which a few months ago would have been way beyond me and this is thanks to the training I have received.  I have recommended them to a few friends who are regular visitors to Tunisia and want to be able to integrate more, but, would say that anyone who needs language training in any of the languages they offer should give them a chance as Nawel and the staff will work with you to make it a success.

Jessica Kiely (USA)

Aslemma! My name is Jessica; I am an American living in Sousse. From having a previously visit to Tunisia I knew I wanted to move here. So a year ago I packed my things and made a move from sunny Texas to sunny Tunisia. Before I started work as an English teacher, I knew I wanted to start learning Arabic. Instead of learning Standard Arabic, I wanted to learn the local Tunisian dialect. A friend recommended ALEF to me.

I enjoy studying at ALEF for a number of reasons. I get one on one teaching, which allows me to learn at my own pace. The lessons are written well, I like how they incorporate things I have learned from previous lessons into the new lessons. So I am always reviewing what I have learned. I enjoy that there are conversation classes regularly so I get to practice what I have been learnings with other students around the same level as me. The thing I like the most is being able to see myself progressing in the language which encourages me to continue learning even when it seems difficult.  

Kevin & Evelyn McCabe (Ireland)

My wife and I joined ALEF to learn French so that we would be better able to engage in Tunisian society. We are from Ireland so english is our first language and we initially found it difficult to communicate fully or properly within our new community here in Tunisia.
We have found Nawel to be an excellent teacher and it has been a pleasure working with her to improve our French. Our lives have already changed for the better with the small amount of French learned to date and we look forward to further improving   Our French language skills over the coming year . We would highly recommend ALEF Formations for all of your language course requirements,

John Millspaugh (USA)

I am very happy that I took courses at Alef. Alef helped me a lot in realizing my language learning goals during my time in Tunisia. I appreciated Alef’s flexibility and professionalism. I often received feedback and my lessons suited me well in improving my French. Alef was very accommodating in making sure that I had the best learning experience! 

 Je suis très content d’avoir pris des cours d’Alef. Alef m’a beaucoup aidé à réaliser mes buts d’apprentissage du français pendant mon séjour en Tunisie. J’apprécie la flexibilité et le professionnalisme d’Alef. J’ai souvent reçu du feedback et mes cours m’ont bien convenu pour améliorer mon français. Alef était très accommodant afin de me garantir la meilleure expérience !

Andrea Calabretta (USA)

Studying the language was one of the highlights of my year in Sousse!

I had a great experience learning Tunisian Arabic at Alef Formations. I am an English speaker who had no knowledge of the local language before starting lessons, and I was able to quickly learn the necessary phrases for navigating the city and taking care of my basic day-to-day needs.

Lessons were fun and casual, and I appreciated the time and care my teacher took in preparing them for me each week. She had a very patient approach that made me comfortable and relaxed, and I enjoyed occasionally meeting other students and practicing with them in a group setting too.

Louisa Lynch ( Great Britain)

I wanted to make a new life in Tunisia but was frustrated by my lack of language skills, so I started French classes at Alef Formations. The people were so nice and friendly and just a few months in I'm much more confident in speaking to people.  Best of all I've made new friends!   

Amy Cunningham (USA)

I’ve been very pleased with my learning experience at Alef. I really appreciate the way the curriculum is organized in a practical way. It’s been so helpful to begin with the basics and build a foundation with vocabulary and phrases that can easily be used from day 1.

The staff is professional, friendly, and helpful, and my instructor has been so kind to also answer any questions that have come up about culture and daily life as we go through our lessons.   

Leola Michaud - Canada

C'est avec grand plaisir que je veux rendre hommage à Mme Nawel Oussanaa de même qu'à mon professeur, Jidana pour, les cours que j'ai suivis chez Alef Formations en mars-avril 2015.

J'aime beaucoup la Tunisie et après plusieurs séjours, j'avais vraiment envie d'apprendre le dialecte tunisien afin, d'éventuellement,  pouvoir converser avec les gens dans leur langue.

Quand je me suis inscrite chez Alef Formations, il y avait déjà quelque temps que j'y songeais.  Et quelle belle surprise! Un accueil affable, courtois voir même chaleureux  de la part de Mme Oussanaa et,  quand celle-ci m'a présenté l'enseignante, Jidana, j'ai tout de suite été charmée par son sourire,  son amabilité et son professionnalisme. Au fil des cours j'ai vu qu'elle avait aussi beaucoup de patience. Nous étions quatre étudiants et très vite c'est dans le plaisir que des liens se sont tissés entre-nous .  Il va s'en dire qu'apprendre une langue demande  beaucoup d'effort  dans la pratique. Même si je n'en suis qu'à mes premiers balbutiements en tunisien, il  y a de l'espoir pour que je puisse parler un jour.  Et malgré les évènements qui ont stigmatisé la Tunisie cet été,   je veux y retourner  à l'hiver 2016 et je vais certainement  me présenter chez Alef Formations pour y poursuivre mon apprentissage. 

Serez-vous des nôtres ?
Nabil Neffati ( France)

Je vous remercie pour cet excellent stage qui nous a permis de consolidé notre niveau d’anglais et découvrir une approche pédagogique très intéressante.

Je compte bien renouveler cette expérience lors de mon prochain séjour.


Isabelle Subrin (France)

Les cours sont de bonne qualité. Les cours sont très conviviaux et personnellement je prends du plaisir à apprendre la langue et la culture tunisienne.Isabelle Subrin

Christelle Foubert (France)

Merci beaucoup pour ces cours qui sont vraiment bien structurés.

Heather Harris (USA)

I enjoyed my French class very much.  Four is a perfect number of students for learning and exchange.